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The Royal tea

We are royaltea, We are the first cheese tea brand world wide. Here at royaltea, we believe in making the best quality of tea with integrity and loyalty, leaving satisfied with smile on your face. ROYALTEA has more than 130 franchise location in the Asian. Our specialty is making freshly brew tea with modern technology and infused with natural, healthy, and nutrition ingredients. We believe freshness is the key.

Each drink is made to order, and every ingredient is made fresh daily. This is why our drink takes an average of 5-10 minutes from ordered. We take our time to make our drinks; our goal is to bring delicious and refreshing drinks to our customers.

About tea

We choose our tea carefully. As we know, the quality of tea plays a big role in the whole flavor of milk tea. Every kind of tea we use is imported from their place of origin in Taiwan: high-mountain tea from Taiwan…we just want you to have the best.

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